To The Retarded Christian Buttfucking Queers Who Think They Know Who I Am



I was around the Man-o-Sphere before SSM and LGR and all of your gay Christian fag blogs existed.  Don’t flatter yourselves. You don’t know me.


“Laura Grace Robins” is a Liar and a Coward

“Laura Grace Robins”, Lena and Matt Forney have set off a fire storm in the Man-O-Sphere .


As a regular reader of all of the blogs involved I wanted to comment.  “Laura Grace Robins” lied in her most recent post and said that moderation would be turned off


So I left a comment which of course was moderated and not posted.  Because she is a liar, a psychotic and a lunatic.


This is the comment i wanted to leave:

You should consider stepping away from the internet for a while, You appear to have lost your mind.

Watching you demented, mentally ill Christians fight about nothing is the most hilarious thing that I’ve seen on the internet in years. What a bunch of sadsack loser faggot beta orbiter queers you have here, “Laura”.  Your comment at Matt Forney’s about “holding people accountable” was funny, let’s hold YOU accountable “Laura”. No one knows anything about you it seems.  Are you married? Dd you ever have premarital sex? Did you ever try drugs?   How old are you? It takes some fucking balls to “hold someone accountable” who has put everything about herself out there when you can’t be examined for hypocrisy and bad Christian behavior in the same light.  You have NO idea what you and Lena and her effeminate, disgusting female acting “boyfriend” 7man, or whatever the fuck he is look like to people outside your circle and your belief system. 

You look like people who belong in mental institutions.  Someone should lock you and Lena and Matt Forney up for what you are doing, for NO reason at all.  What did Sunshine do? Fudge some biographical details on the internet BIG FUCKING DEAL.  If you demented lunatics can believe in a dead Jew on a stick I’m sure you also believe SSM was going to call whatever version of Child Protective Services they have in Canada on Lena.  LOL  Are you kidding? “Hi, I’m a semi-anonymous blogger on the internet and some dumb hole i never met in my life said things on the internet that indicate you need to GO TAKE HER KIDS AWAY FROM HER IMMEDIATELY!!!!”  Ya, I’m sure they’d have been right over. 

Sunshine left a great comment on her temporary blog


Lena and LGR went all over the female blogs of the the Manosphere leaving obnoxious nasty little comments like turds in the punchbowl, starting little blog wars by “calling people out”  and then LGR has the balls to cry like a little baby when she feels “excluded” from some blog.  Guess what, you don’t to go around insulting and berating everyome then get invited to their little clubhouse, I mean really, didn’t your mommy teach you that?


A final word on two of the most PATHETIC, effeminate actling loser Manginae I’ve ever seen in action.  Infowarrior and Willomena S.

God, could you “Beta orbiter” a little harder? I’ve never seen two men act so much like gossiping little girls with no panties on in my life.  You are making yourselves look like the most embarrassing buttfucking queers on the planet.  Yuck